Sveetly Studios Downloads

Here you can download stuff. Right now, we've got desktop wallpaper, as well as full-quality movie downloads.


BONUS: Download 'U2 Fly' in either Apple Lossless, FLAC, or MP3!


Full-Quality Movies

Just Right-click and Save as!

Below are the movies currently availble from us for a full-quality download. These are almost all over a gig, so leave some time for the download.


Typical download speeds range from 1.5MB/s (12Mb/s) to 3.5MB/s (28Mb/s.)  Actual speeds will vary with your Internet connection.


Desktop Wallpaper

Available in sizes to suit you!

(1) Fantastic Favio Bros Background Format: .png

(2) Sveetly Studios Background Format: .png