Sveetly Studios FAQ

Q: A link doesn't work.  What can I do?

A: Simple, email me ( and tell me what doesn't work.


Q: A part of the site asks me for a password.  What is it?

A: Sorry, pal.  There areas are locked because I chose for them to be.  If you want access, email me ( and ask.  Don't be ashamed if I say, "no," I still love you!


Q: My video isn't loading/is loading very slowly.

A: Try clicking one of the alternate links, found below the video.


Q: The YouTube embeds aren't working.

A: Take a look at the description; it's the address of the video.  Or you're welcome to try the QuickTime or Vimeo versions.


Q: I'm getting server errors!

A: I'd love to know about them.  Please email me ( so I can fix them as soon as possible.


Q: Your whole site is SLOW.

A: It shouldn't be, anymore. But if it is, I take that half as good news…'cause people might actually be on it!


Q: What are your server specs?

A: They're pretty crappy, actually.  This site is hosted atop my refrigerator on an old Compaq (running Ubuntu Server 9.04.)  It was a 2.53GHz single-core Intel Celeron D and 512MB of RAM.  27GB formatted hard drive space.  See?  You don't need much for a webserver.  Need help setting one up?  I might be able to help, email me (


Q: How do you make your site?

A: I created this on Adobe Dreamweaver  The images and gradient were also made by myself.


Q: What do you use to shoot your movies? (After June 2, 2011)

A: A Canon 60D.


Q: What do you use to shoot your movies? (June 2, 2009-June 1st, 2011)

A: A Canon HV30.


Q: What do you use to shoot your movies? (Before June 2, 2009)

A: An old Sony Handycam.  My old animations were done with a digital point and shoot and a basic movie editing program (iMovie, I think.)


Q: Any question regarding the Meebo repeater, the VNC, or the HTTP File Server:

A: Sorry, but these aren't hosted locally, and aren't under my control.  I link them here because I like them, and use them.  In actuality, though, they are hosted on my friend's server.


Q: Other Questions?

A: Email them to:

Newest Video

17th December 2012

The Pedlar A British man selling Union Jacks faces unexpected competition from a Russian selling Soviet flags.


This was my final project for my COMM 242 class at Penn State.