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who the fuck is this mike kid that everyone keeps bringing up?

pic sorta related

>> No.1358  

>>1352 Plus. Have you seen how UGLY you are?!? Just like Justin Bieber!

>> No.1361  

gay faggots

they're the worst

>> No.1363  

and the funny thing is that he's calling us gay faggots (kinda redundant i agree) when most of us have had some sorty of experience with a real woman, not a man pretending to be a cat

>> No.1364  

I'm editing my rule. Any tonychan thread longer then eight posts becomes Empress flaming tonyninja

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What's a good private tracker for games? And not underground gamer or Gazelle games?

>> No.1668  

Bitgamer is a very good private tracker for games.
The only problem is they just disabled invites.
They said that "There is and always has been a thin line between allowing people to invite a couple friends and abusive behavior. In order to better accommodate this fact, we are now working on a new adaptive invitation system which will replace the current system. Therefore, we will be temporarily shutting down invites in preparation for this new system."

>> No.1671  

say WHAT?

>> No.1672  

not on the old system, but the new system may.

>> No.1679  

i know what is.... i was making a cheesy pun

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bleetman, what was the name of that artifact you had that tapped all of newrads creatures?

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>> No.1673  

I doubt it.
Most cards that people say can do anything "to infinity" are not playing the card right.

>> No.1674  

the infusion one you had is the closest you can get to infinity

>> No.1675  

I don't have a clue what your talking about.[infusion]
You can get to infinity its just very hard.

>> No.1676  


It was banned.

>> No.1677  

what is it?

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In this thread you will submit banner images for tonychan.

Then the banner you see at the top will randomly rotate between different images, as seen on other imageboards.

My example is a morbidly obese Cirno. I want to show my brother who Cirno was after he saw the man dressed as her, and this came up.

The End.

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What is that and why is it so big?

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shouldnt that be tonyNINJA? it's a wizards hat

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pretty sure it doesn't take a genius to realize that guidos are NOT geniuses

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>> No.1634  

Guidos are super pro. I wanna be super pro.

>> No.1635  

but youre a noob :p

>> No.1636  

no u

>> No.1638  

that wasn't an insult....

>> No.1642  


shut up proski

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Something is out of place >.<

>> No.1620  

are you in mauger's english? because thats what everyones grades look like

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>> No.1624  

IV. Conclusion
In Newton’s First Law, it states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by some excess force. In this experiment, we determined that an object at rest has no net forces acting upon it. The vector sum of all three forces involved should equal 0 according to Newton’s First Law since the knot is at rest. In order to calculate Fnet, we graphed the force vectors in a diagram to display F1,F2, F3, and Fnet. Fnet in theory should have been 0; on the diagram, the three forces should have created a complete triangle. On all of them, they either completed the triangle or were within .25N of the tail of the first vector. In Part 1, when the tension forces were equal to each other and F3, the Fnet calculated arithmetically and the Fnet graphed in the diagram are quite similar. The one on the diagram was not 0N because of some slight variation when graphing the individual forces. Ideally, all of the Fnet values should be 0. In Part 2, one of the diagrams only displayed F1, F2, and Fnet; the other diagram displayed F1, F2, F3, and Fnet. Fnet on the first one and F3 on the second one are almost exact opposites of each other in direction and exactly the same in magnitude. This shows that the vector sum of F1 and F2 are opposite F3 which would make the sum of all three of them equal to 0.
Sources of Uncertainty
1) Precision of tools- the three main tools used to perform the lab and the follow-up work were: the protractor, the ruler, and the scales. Each of these was only precise to a certain extent. The rule was only precise to one-tenth of a cm, the protractor was only precise to each degree, and the scales were only precise to each quarter of a Newton. Each of these would affect how each force is graphed in the diagrams, thus affecting how we interpret Fnet. Visually, Fnet may be an actual value, but realistically it is 0. The imprecision of these tools affects how accurately we can display the forces.

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